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Chile - Venezuela: Who is the more commodity dependent?

Peru: State of the Peruvian Mining Nation - 12 key companies reviewed

Argentina: MercadoLibre: Beware the whizzkid factor

Latin Portfolio Strategy: Quarterly stock review - October 07

Venezuela Mining: GRZ - The Russians are Coming

The S&P Latin 40 Index: Mended but not yet fixed

Venezuela Mining: Gold Reserve ( - Expansion upon Company's Prospects

Peru Mining: Minera IRL - Fast-tracking to production

Latin Macro: Ignore the barometer at your peril

Peru Mining: Inca Pacific - Strong buy in light of the feasibility study

Latin Macro: Ignore the barometer at your peril

Latin Macro: The Paradox of Sovereign Bonds "in a time of cholera"

Latin Mining: Northern Peru Copper ( - another bid in the wings?

Latin Macro: Peruvian Inflation - depends which stone you turn

Latin Mining: Reflationary Supercycle Still Intact

Latin Mining: Copper - Forget the US housing drivel

Latin Portfolio Strategy: Top Ten (non-mining) names for 2008

Latin Mining: Condor Resources (CN.v) - Hunting for Latin copper elephants

Latin Macro: The Argentine Peso - Ripe for Revaluation

Chile: Energy Crisis - Dimensions and Implications

Latin Macro: Chilean pension funds - not the ones to give advice

Latin Mining: Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) - Intimations of greatness

Latin Mining: Far West Mining ( - Better ways to invest in Chile

Latin Equities: Telecom Argentina Results - debunking bogus analysis

Latin Mining: Ecuador's Windfall Tax in Perspective

Latin Equities: Shorting ECH on declining Chilean short term macro outlook

Latin Mining: Palladon Ventures (PLL.v)- a takeover morsel in the new Iron Age

Latin Mining: Cardero Resources (CDY)- Much Ado about Nothing

Latin Mining: Australia - Canada divergent approach to production

Latin Mining: International Nickel Ventures ( play on Brazil's emergence as a major new nickel playing field

Latin Mining: Vale - a "major" wannabe?

Latin Mining: Vale - Blood & Goro

Latin Equities: The Composition of the Lima Bolsa Indices

Latin Mining: Mexican Miners - Obscure Objects of Desire

Latin Mining: An M&A Tsunami on the Way?

Latin Mining: The Emerging Brazil Nickel Sector

Latin Mining: Ecuador - the three-concession rule

Latin Mining: Rincon Lithium - the new player in the lithium/potash space

Latin Macro: The EMBI Paradox

Latin Mining: Navegating the Minefields of Political (and Other) Risk in LatAm

Latin Mining: Bolivia - Is Evo's Bark worse than his Bite?

Latin Mining: Creston Moly (CMS) - likely cashflow flood even on modest moly price projections

Latin Mining: Fortuna Silver (FVI.v)- Forging ahead in tough times

Latin Mining: Mirabela Nickel( Getting the financing ducks in a row

Latin Mining: M&A - the name of the game in 2009

Latin Mining: Hochschild (HOC.L) - Ventruing forth from the Bunker

Latin Mining: Dia Bras Exploration (DIB.v) - the "pilot mine" that isn't...

Latin Mining: Cdn Gold Hunter/Suramina merger - the pan-latin junior in the Lundin camp

Global Mining: Gabriel Resources ( - Short Call - an overdone story for the short-term

Mining Strategy: De Profondis - assessing the outlook for zinc and some players

Latin Mining: Capital Gold ( getting shortchanged in Gammon offer

Latin Mining: Fortuna Silver/Radius Gold (RDU.v)- keeping it all in the corporate family?

Latin Mining: La Rioja: returning to the fold as an orthodox mining district

Latin Mining: Lithium Mining - Brine beats "rock" mining anyway one looks at it

Latin Mining: US Gold (UXG) - Read His Lips (or at least the Large Print Version)

Global Mining: Rio Tinto - Chinalco - now the hard slog for the Chinese

Latin Mining: Cardero Resources - a Iron-filled Fortune Cookie

Global Mining: Hostile Bids - no more Mr Nice Guy

Global Mining: Klondex - Silvercorp - SOS from Self-serving directors

Global Mining: The KBX/IBX/IMA merger - three is a crowd

Global Mining: HudBay - suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Latin Mining: Latin American Minerals (LAT.v) - undervalued lithium assets embedded in a gold play

Global Mining: Nyrstar (NYR:BT) - Reincarnating Zinifex?

Latin Mining: Capital Gold - a clean sweep to prepare for production growth

Global Mining: The Inefficiencies of the Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

Global Mining: Hudbay Short - Callinan Mines Long: a pairs trade

Latin Mining: Magellan Minerals - following in the footsteps of the garimpieros

Global Mining: Sherritt ( - dancing to more than just a Cuban Beat

Latin Mining: ECU Silver - Everything but the "helicopter"

Latin Mining: Gammon Gold (GRS) - Long term disappointing

Global Mining: Callinan Mines (CAA.v) - cornering Hudbay for the great shakedown

Global Mining: NGex ( - spread far and wide

Global Mining: Adamus Resources ( - storming towards production

Global Mining: Rare Earths - "Unobtainium" or common as dirt?

Global Mining: Lithium Review: Oversupply threatens most wannabes with a lingering death

Mining: Duluth/Wallbridge ( - Antofagasta's Trojan Horse?

Mining: HudBay ( - Fourth quarter results - worse than ever...

Mining: OZ Minerals ( Out of the ashes rises.....

Mining: The Lifecycle of Miners - immutable or changeable?

Mining: Nyrstar (NYR:BT) - Rebuilding its Upstream at a Furious Pace

Latin Mining: Capital Gold: Bid for Nayarit Gold- redolent of Gammon

Mining: Chinese Miners Review - Increasingly Precious

Latin Mining: Dia Bras (DIB.v)- Light at the End of the Mine?

Mining: Reed Resources ( - Leapfrogging to the front of the Lithium pack

Mining: Lifecycles of the Rare Earth Sector

Latin Mining: Silvermex (SMR.v): Corralling a Whole District - a Mexican Hecla in the Making

Mining: Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ)- Redefining the word "junior"

Mining: HudBay Minerals ( Capitulation by the takeover theorists?

Latin Mining: Andina Minerals (ADM.v) - slow going towards a dubious goal

Latin Mining: Malaga ( - Breaking the Chinese Stranglehold on Tungsten

Mining: Zinc & Lead - Apocalypse Now?

Latin Mining: Capital Gold (CGC) - Drifting without a Captain

Mining: Yukon Nevada Gold ( - A Strategic Playing Piece in Refractory Gold Milling

Mining: Specialty Metals - Soup to Nuts?

Mining: OZ Minerals ( - Upgrading to Long Stance on Corporate Actions

Mining: Salares Lithium (LIT.v) and Talison merger - a marriage made in lithium heaven

Mining: Financing - Trouble in Paradise

Mining: Australian American Mining ( - a survivor of the uranium meltdown

Latin Mining: Patagonia Gold (PGD.L) - next cab off the rank after Andean?

Mining: The GDX-J - a Moving Feast

Latin Mining: Capital Gold (CGC) - Timmins Gold or Gammon Gold - Mercy Killing?

Mining: Rare Earths - An "Agadir" for our Time

Thinkpiece: Shares on Issue - disease or addiction?

Latin Mining: Kings Minerals ( - Massive Resource Needs Good Home

Thinkpiece: NI 43-101 vs JORC

Mining: Callinan Mines (CAA.v) - Dangling the Bait

Thinkpiece: Death Spiral Financings in the Mining Space

Latin Mining: Silvermex ( - merger with Genco finally put to bed

Mining: REMX - The REE/Strategic Metals ETF - Somewhat of a Camel...

Mining: Lundin ( - something worth fighting over

Mining: US Nickel ( despite its name a new gold production story

Mining: UCore (UCU.v) - A Tasty Rare Earth Snack for Predators

Mining: The GDX - Falling Way Behind the Physical ETF

Mining Thinkpiece: Supercycle or the End of Cheap?

Mining: Adamus Resources ( - In production - now a juicy target

Latin Mining: Cerro Resources ( - Palmarejo Redux

Thinkpiece: Zinc & Lead - Awaiting their Day in the Sun

Mining: Silvercorp (SVM) - Attack of the Poison Pens

Mine Visit: Entree Gold (ETG) - Aspirations to consolidate a district

Mining: Capstone ( - Makings of a New Major?

Thinkpiece: March of the Lemmings - Overcrowded Sub-sectors

Mining: Donner Metals (DON.v) - Moving to Production with "Big Brother" Xstrata

Mining: Yukon Nevada Gold ( - finally back on track..

Thinkpiece: Revisiting the REE Lifecycle

Sub-Sector Coverage: Tungsten - the Cutting Edge Metal

Mine Visit: Quaterra Resources (QMM)- Yerington shaping up to be big

Mining: Mining: Silvermex ( - Neutral - Needing a Phase Two

Mining: Mining - Molycorp (MCP): The mine-to-magnet conglomerate takes shape

Mining: Mining - Northern Minerals ( - One Word.... "Xenotime"....

Mining: Maya Gold & Silver (MYA.v) - First Mover Advantage in Morocco

Mining - The Vanadium Sub-Sector- A Metal in Search of a Power Source

Metals Trading - MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - A Below the Radar "mini"-Glencore

Mining - International PBX (PBX.v) - Enchanted by OZ

Mining - Tamerlane Ventures (TAM.v) - On a the Cusp of a Major Zinc Reactivation

Mining - TUC Resources ( - The Holy Grail of Ionic-like Clays

Mining - Lynas Corp ( - A SNAFU by any definition

Mining - Mandalay Resources ( - Suffering from Style-Drift

Mining - Labrador Iron Mines ( - Relaunching a Major Iron Ore District of the Past

Latin Mining - Dia Bras (DIB.v) - Biting Off All It can Chew

Mining - Patagonia Gold (PGD.L) - Advancing Despite Itself

Mining - Revett Minerals (RVM, - Wearing Down Resistance At Rock Creek

Mining - Woulfe Mining ( - Honing Its Edge

Mining - Duluth Metals ( - Dividing the Spoils

Metals Trading - MFC (MIL) - The Art of the Deal?

Mining - Canada Fluorspar (CFI.v) - Gaining Strength from a French "Big Brother"

Mining - Observations on London's Place in Mining Finance

Cabo Drilling (CBE.v) - Buying a Straw Hat in Winter

HudBay/Thompson Creek (HBM/TCM) - Conjectures on a Marriage

Uranium in Argentina - An Overwhelming Logic

Donner Metals (DON.v) - Trampled by an Elephant

Thinkpiece - A Tale of Two Cities - Super-powered or Real Estate powered?

Flinders/Zenyatta (FDR.v/ZEN.v) - a Pairs Trade - Two-Speed Settings in the Graphite Space

The Tin Sector Revival - The Squeeze is On

The REE Lifecycle - The Sisyphean Challenge of Production

Texas Rare Earth Resources (TRER) - A Treasure Chest of Specialty Metals

Ucore (UCU.v) - Friends in High Places Make the Difference

Almonty Industries (AII.v) - a Real Tungsten Producer

Ucore (UCU.v) - Political Support Delivers & All Cashed Up

Maudore Minerals (MAO.v) - A Litany of Misery

Metals X ( - A New Low-cost Gold Producer is Born

Flinders Resources (FDR.v) - First Mover in Graphite

Mkango Resources (MKA.v) - the Stealth Performer in African REEs

Reed Resources ( - Coming up fast in Lithium

Minnova (MCI.v) - Hitting the Ground Running With a Brownfield's Advantage

US Antimony (NASD:UAMY) - Climbing Out of its Earnings Pit?

Reed Resources ( - Testwork puts Barrambie Titanium on Road to Reality

Mkango Resources (MKA.v) - PFS Reinforces Songwe's Many Virtues

Alabama Graphite (ALP.v) - Down Home Advantage

Galane Gold (GG.v) - An Evolving Symbiosis with Samsung

Chesapeake Gold (CKG.v) - in Goldcorp's Crosshairs?

M&A - The Mining Predators' Ball

Almonty (AII.v) - Merger with Woulfe makes first global Tungsten Major

King Island Scheelite ( - Reviving a Major Tungsten Mine

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - Trader or Logistics or a Bank?

Tango Mining (TGV.v) - Diamonds Start to Flow at the Orange River

Ucore Rare Metals (UCU.v) - MRT brings home the bacon on various fronts

Great Panther Silver ( - Winning the Cash Cost Race to the Bottom

Fortune Minerals ( - Leaving the Revenue

Neometals ( Barrambie emerges as a Titanium Giant from PFS

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL): Back to the "Cone of Silence"?

Tango Mining (TGV.v) - Bulking Up the Diamond Division with Botswana Acquisition

Mkango (MKA.v) - Making the Jump to the AIM with revised PFS Tailwind

Almonty Industries (AII.v): Los Santos Mine Trip Review

Lithium Australia ( Globally Diversified in the "Lithosphere"

Mining Thinkpiece - The Five Stages of the Supercycle's Demise

Galane Gold (GG.v): SHORT - Galaxy deal seals the fate?

Northern Graphite (NGC.v): Rightsizing for Take Off

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - Banking on Europe

Feronia Inc. (FRN.V): SHORT call as the dilution becomes brutal

Galane Gold (GG.v): SHORT - Legal Miseries Pile Up in South Africa

IBC Advanced Alloys (IB.v): Unique Niche in Beryllium Alloys

Chesapeake Gold (CKG.v): Updated PFS Brings Quantum Capex Reduction

Harte Gold (TSX:HRT): Bulk sampling = Production

Peak Resources (ASX:PEK): Updated PFS puts African Rare Earths in Picture

Mining Thinkpiece: The Rights & Wrongs of Rights Issues

GoviEx Uranium (CSE:GXU): the Friedland story in African uranium

Mining Thinkpiece: Metals Price Outlook to 2019

Scandium International Mining ( Positioned with First Mover Status

Alkane Resources (, OTCQX:ANLKY) - The Great Survivor of the Specialty Metals Space

Galane Gold (GG.v): SHORT - Recent Share Ramp is a False Dawn

Crystal Peak Minerals (CPM.v, CPMMF.qx): Potash.. Hold the Salt!

Southern Silver Exploration (TSX-V: SSV, OTCQB: SSVFF): Right Metals, Right Time, Right Place

Nevada Zinc (NZN.v, FSE: 6GX, GDSKF): Riding the Wave of the Resurgent Zinc Price

Western Uranium (WUC.csx): All the moving parts for a nascent producer