Here are some of our publications available upon request (see also unedr Latin America).

Gabriel Resources ( - Short Call - an overdone story for the short-term

Mining Strategy: De Profondis - assessing the outlook for zinc and some players

Rio Tinto - Chinalco - now the hard slog for the Chinese

Hostile Bids - no more Mr Nice Guy

Klondex - Silvercorp - SOS from Self-serving directors

The KBX/IBX/IMA merger - three is a crowd

HudBay - suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Nyrstar (NYR:BT) - Reincarnating Zinifex?

The Inefficiencies of the Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

Hudbay Short - Callinan Mines Long: a pairs trade

Sherritt ( - dancing to more than just a Cuban Beat

Callinan Mines (CAA.v) - cornering Hudbay for the great shakedown

NGex ( - spread far and wide

Adamus Resources ( - storming towards production

Rare Earths - "Unobtainium" or common as dirt?

Lithium Review: Oversupply threatens most wannabes with a lingering death

Duluth/Wallbridge ( - Antofagasta's Trojan Horse?

HudBay ( - Fourth quarter results - worse than ever...

OZ Minerals ( Out of the ashes rises.....

The Lifecycle of Miners - immutable or changeable?

Nyrstar (NYR:BT) - Rebuilding its Upstream at a Furious Pace

Capital Gold: Bid for Nayarit Gold- redolent of Gammon

Chinese Miners Review - Increasingly Precious

Dia Bras (DIB.v)- Light at the End of the Mine?

Lifecycles of the Rare Earth Sector

Silvermex (SMR.v): Corralling a Whole District - a Mexican Hecla in the Making

Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ)- Redefining the word "junior"

HudBay Minerals ( Capitulation by the takeover theorists?

Zinc & Lead - Apocalypse Now?

Yukon Nevada Gold ( - A Strategic Playing Piece in Refractory Gold Milling

Specialty Metals - Soup to Nuts?

OZ Minerals ( - Upgrading to Long Stance on Corporate Actions

Salares Lithium (LIT.v) and Talison merger - a marriage made in lithium heaven

Financing - Trouble in Paradise

Australian American Mining ( - a survivor of the uranium meltdown

The GDX-J - a Moving Feast

Thinkpiece: Shares on Issue - disease or addiction?

Kings Minerals ( - Massive Resource Needs Good Home

Callinan Mines (CAA.v) - Dangling the Bait

REMX - The REE/Strategic Metals ETF - Somewhat of a Camel...

Lundin ( - something worth fighting over

US Nickel ( despite its name a new gold production story

UCore (UCU.v) - A Tasty Rare Earth Snack for Predators

The GDX - Falling Way Behind the Physical ETF

Adamus Resources ( - In production - now a juicy target

Thinkpiece: Zinc & Lead - Awaiting their Day in the Sun

Silvercorp (SVM) - Attack of the Poison Pens

Entree Gold (ETG) - Aspirations to consolidate a district

Capstone ( - Makings of a New Major?

Donner Metals (DON.v) - Moving to Production with "Big Brother" Xstrata

Yukon Nevada Gold ( - finally back on track..

Thinkpiece: Revisiting the REE Lifecycle

Sub-Sector Coverage: Tungsten - the Cutting Edge Metal

Quaterra Resources (QMM)- Yerington shaping up to be big

Molycorp (MCP): The mine-to-magnet conglomerate takes shape

Northern Minerals ( - One Word.... "Xenotime"....

Maya Gold & Silver (MYA.v) - First Mover Advantage in Morocco

Metals Trading - MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - A Below the Radar "mini"-Glencore

Tamerlane Ventures (TAM.v) - On a the Cusp of a Major Zinc Reactivation

TUC Resources ( - The Holy Grail of Ionic-like Clays

Lynas Corp ( - A SNAFU by any definition

Mandalay Resources ( - Suffering from Style-Drift

Labrador Iron Mines ( - Relaunching a Major Iron Ore District of the Past

Revett Minerals (RVM, - Wearing Down Resistance At Rock Creek

Woulfe Mining ( - Honing Its Edge

Duluth Metals ( - Dividing the Spoils

Metals Trading - MFC (MIL) - The Art of the Deal?

Canada Fluorspar (CFI.v) - Gaining Strength from a French "Big Brother"

Cabo Drilling (CBE.v) - Buying a Straw Hat in Winter

HudBay/Thompson Creek (HBM/TCM) - Conjectures on a Marriage

Donner Metals (DON.v) - Trampled by an Elephant

Flinders/Zenyatta (FDR.v/ZEN.v) - a Pairs Trade - Two-Speed Settings in the Graphite Space

Almonty Industries (AII.v) - a Real Tungsten Producer

Maudore Minerals (MAO.v) - A Litany of Misery

Metals X ( - A New Low-cost Gold Producer is Born

Flinders Resources (FDR.v) - First Mover in Graphite

US Antimony (NASD:UAMY) - Climbing Out of its Earnings Pit?

Almonty (AII.v) - Merger with Woulfe makes first global Tungsten Major

King Island Scheelite ( - Reviving a Major Tungsten Mine

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - Trader or Logistics or a Bank?

Fortune Minerals ( - Leaving the Revenue

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL): Back to the "Cone of Silence"?

Almonty Industries (AII.v): Los Santos Mine Trip Review

MFC Industrial (NYSE:MIL) - Banking on Europe

IBC Advanced Alloys (IB.v): Unique Niche in Beryllium Alloys

GoviEx Uranium (CSE:GXU): the Friedland story in African uranium

Karnalyte Resources (TSX:KRN): Neutral - What a Schemozzle!

US Antimony - SHORT - Life After Hillgrove